My "Stack"

I use a lot of software regularly, either personally or in the course of my work. Here's a list of all things that help me, and how I use them. Maybe you'll find something useful, if so, let me know!

Shell Stuff

I've got my dotfiles available on github, and its mostly up-to-date.

Here's a list in no particular order of tools I use in my shell:

Command history


I normally bounce inbetween VSCode's integrated terminal and a system terminal, so I default it to "global mode".


For this, I like Starship. It's fast, and has a lot of features, and the defaults work really for me. I don't think I've configured this at all really, its just good.


My main editor is VSCode. Most of my work is in Typescript, and VSCode is the best-in-class in my opinion. I've dabbled with NeoVim, and while its fun to learn, it doesn't beat the extension ecosystem of VSCode.

Some of my favorite extensions are: